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Re: [opensuse] KDE or Gnome?

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, Doug wrote:
On 04/24/2011 11:43 AM, Mike Coday wrote:

You're missing 'dash' here, the default /bin/sh on Debian and
decendant systems like Ubuntu, which acts a lot more like a Bourne
shell than a bash in POSIX mode.

Bourne /bin/sh sh
Bourne Again /bin/bash bash
C shell /bin/csh csh
TC shell /bin/tcsh tcsh
Korn shell /bin/ksh ksh
Z shell /bin/zsh zsh

All these except the [t]c shell (and a real /bin/sh) are POSIX
compliant and should run /bin/sh scripts just fine. Nonetheless, it is
a serious bug writing stuff with #!/bin/sh that's not actually POSIX.

For reference to a "bourne" shell: use [d]ash. You'll be surprised.
It is NOT a POSIX shell, AFAIR.

(Anything written for the Bourne shell will run in bash without
modification, AFAIK.)

As per definition.

One of these is almost surely what she's familiar with, and wouldn't
have to learn
anything new, and you can set the system so it always starts in one
of those shells.
(She will know how.)

As long as it's not csh, she'll be quite happy with bash, and you
_can_ set her shell to whatever she prefers (e.g. /bin/zsh).


"A priest is either a PFW on the ultimate support line, or a
fraud adept at offering bogus answers to difficult problems
while holding lusers at bay with arcane ritual." -- Malcolm Ray
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