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Re: [opensuse] How do I mount USB drive world writable using device notifier? [Solved!]
Marc Chamberlin said the following on 02/11/2011 12:56 AM:

So it wasn't Evil USBs after all ...

No, it wasn't an evil USB, it was poorly organized documentation, the
nfsserver failing to guide or tell a user that he/she was trying to do
something that would not work i.e. trying to mount a filesystem without
also mounting the parent filesystem, intolerance of a newcomers
inability to quickly comprehend a wide range of concepts and to rapidly
sift though vast amounts of documentation in order to find a trinket of
information necessary to solve this problem, an editor that failed to
properly warn a user about embedded non-printing characters, a parser
somewhere in autofs that failed to properly warn a user about embedded
non-printing characters in a configuration file, a mount process that
failed to tell the user that it could not perform it's task because it
encountered those same non-printing characters, or perhaps because those
non-printing characters were being interpreted as part of a file system
name that was not being exported and by that same mount process simply
hanging until a timeout occurred without any explanation whatsoever...

So, as well as not being able to tell the difference between a
"programmer's" text editor and a word processor, you can't recognise a
joke either.

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