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Re: [opensuse] Upgrading KDE 4.4 > 4.5 -- was: Graduated from "Absent trash icon" to disaster
On 2011/02/05 21:44 (GMT+0200) Stan Goodman composed:

After the<space> 3 to get into text mode, the system returned to the
chameleon screen, moved the progress gauge a bit, and froze for about five

Get 'quiet' off the line where you type the 3 and change 'splash=silent' to 'splash=verbose' and you'll boot without the graphics, instead getting all available boot messages, which will scroll by faster than they can be read.

If you want it like that always, make those changes in /boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/sysconfig/bootloader on the "DEFAULT_APPEND=" line.

Starting Firewall Initialization (phase 2 of 2)
Master Resource Control: runlevel 3 has been<--sic
Failed services in runlevel 3:
Skipped services in runlevel 3:

Welcome to openSUSE 11.3 "Teal" - Kernel (tty1).
poblano2 login: WARNING: Number of errors: 0, skipped probes:57

Does that last line modify your suggested procedure?


I am now logged into tty1; I will search how to switch to another tty, but
if you want to give a hint, that would be helpful.

Remember, Linux by default is multi-user. This sequence is switching from one "user" to another, even though you're using the same keyboard and display.


Alt-F7 gets you back to X if X is running

Ctrl- is only _necessary_ if you want to get to a tty from X, not to switch from one tty to another.

By logging in on multiple ttys at once you have the same effect as multiple windows in X, such as a man page in one, a cmdline running zypper in another, a text editor in another, tailing /var/log/messages in another, top in another, the swiss army knife (MC) in another, etc.
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