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Fwd: Re: [opensuse] Split DNS? Solved
On 1/1/2011 7:41 PM, John Andersen wrote:

On 12/31/2010 4:52 PM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:

3. Last, be careful of using rcnamed when restarting the server. It can and
will delete files and directories in the /var/lib/named area
without doing any kind of backup first. That is poor programming on someone's
part also and breaks a fundamental rule of good computer
science - NEVER delete or change user data without backing it up first and
making sure you have a good backed up copy before making such
changes, or deleting it!!!...
Its supposed to do that.

The files you configure do not live in that directory.
If you were making changes down in /varl/lib you were in the wrong place.

John - I am going to disagree with you and this is what I am trying to
point out.... Some of the files under /var/lib/named do get copied over
from /etc and SOME DO NOT. For example the actual files containing DNS
records do NOT get copied over and therefore MUST be edited directly
under /var/lib/named/... As a user, trying to grok what is the model
behind the file system is not easy, nor can I find it well documented.

Nevertheless, I will continue to argue that a more robust design would
compare time stamps on files to be copied over, and before any files
designated to be copied, the script should first back up the target
files. That is a far more friendly design and far safer form of a
programming practice. (you don't have to backup up to an infinite depth
either, limit it to say 10 levels or whatever....)

The overall design of the file system supporting the bind/named DNS
server is really poorly thought out. Not only did I get confused and
lost time and data trying to figure it out, but I will further argue
that I do NOT understand why all servers cannot be architect in such as
way so that ALL of their files can be found under a single "root"
directory. And to me there is a real logical location - /srv/named that
should hold ALL the files for the DNS server. (as well as all other
servers such as /srv/tomcat6 /srv/ftp /srv/samba /srv/dhcp /srv/mysql
etc etc....)

Why do all these files need to be scattered all over the place? If
necessary use links to "put" files in other places, but for heaven's
sake make it easy to FIND ALL of them under a single dir!!! It would
also make it a lot easier when migrating from one version of SuSE to the
next, I could just put /srv in it's own partition and mount it then...
(an yes I might have to do some reconfiguring, but at least I would have
a good starting point and KNOW where everything is located...)

Marc Chamberlin...

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