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Re: [opensuse] indexing galore after upgrade to 11.3
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2010 10:23:29 +0200
  • Message-id: <201008081023.30095.wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
On Sunday 08 August 2010 10:01:17 Vadym Krevs wrote:
On 8 August 2010 06:27, C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 11:19, Vadym Krevs wrote:
Yes, I did upgrade instead of a clean install - as I want my settings
to be preserved. I know it's considered unreasonable :-)

Ha, unreasonable? I wouldn't say that. My experience though is that
significant number of the problems people have after moving to a new
release can be traced to upgrading instead of clean installs.... so
that's always the first thing I look at.

Under 11.2 both Beagle and Strigi had been disabled and never gave me
any trouble.

Looks like this very issue discussed only days before the 11.3
release but nothing happened as a result.

At least it's known. You can probably simply remove Beagle, then
start KDE and make sure strigi/nepomuk are disabled (if you're not
using them)... in theory that should leave you with one indexer :-)
... in theory. It's behaving on my install, but this is KDE4 only, no
Gnome installed.... and Beagle has been explicitly removed... I've
only got strigi left.


That's effectively what I had done, except I left Beagle rpms and
uninstalled as many strigi/tracker-related rpms as I could. My home
and work PCs have both KDE4 and Gnome installed, except that II use
Gnome at work, and KDE4 at home. So with tracker being a gnome
dependency, I understand how it ended up installed during upgrade.
However, what I don't get is why was tracker started upon first login
into KDE4? It's not supposed to be a KDE dependency, is it?

1) It could be being started by an entry in the system-wide autostart dir -
/etc/xdg/autostart. Both desktops evaluate .desktop files found here. KDE
should ignore any files which contain OnlyShowIn=Gnome; (for example). This
is the most likely scenario if it happens on the very first login with a new

2) There could also be a local entry in ~/.config/autostart/ written by an app
using Tracker that assumes you always want it.

3) Lastly it could be being started on demand by an app that needs it, either
because the app was started by session management or because the app itself is
autostarted as above. This is how eg Akonadi and PolicyKit agents get



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