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[opensuse] Help! - Can't boot kernel because no depmod -a --> can't depmod -a because I can't boot kernel (chicken or the egg??)
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 08 May 2010 17:20:07 -0500
  • Message-id: <4BE5E397.2070306@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I am having difficulty installing a couple of kernels on 11.0 i586. I
installed them on my x86_64 box without any problems. I've been fighting it for
a few hours and now need to cry for help... so... Help Please!

I have installed:



kernel-pae- is also available from

I did the same thing on my x86_64 box and the kernel booted just fine.
both kernels work very well on 11.0, so you have a good upgrade path to 2.6.31
or 2.6.32 available)

On boot the i586 system goes through the grub menu and I select the
kernel to
boot, and everything looks normal until it goes to mount the root partition. It
then give the error similar to:

waiting on mandatory device:

Then it asks to try the fallback device:


(new kernel uses the 'ata-Hitachi-blahblah' uses

The problem is that apparently there are no modules compiled into the
initrd so
it can't mount the ext3 partitions. I know it is a modules issue, because it
couldn't even mount my usb-stick, giving the error: unknown filesystem type

To me it seems like a 'chicken and the egg problem'. You need the
file from the /lib/modules/<newkernel>, but you can't create it with depmod -a
until you boot the kernel. (I know this is done all the time, but I can deduce
where in the process this takes place) If you wait until you are ready to try
and boot the kernel -> your hosed with this problem.

This should be a simple fix, but the light bulb upstairs hasn't blinked
What's the trick and what do I need to do to fix it? I booted the installed OS
from the suse install DVD and reinstalled, so I now have all 3
kernels installed. After reinstall, boot just fine so all the
disk/by-id information in grub/ and menu.lst and fstab is fine.

What say the experts?

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