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Re: [opensuse] document incompatibilities
  • From: G T Smith <grahamsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 10:26:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <4AD0532C.5020808@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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John Andersen wrote:
G T Smith wrote:
Heinz Diehl wrote:
At Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:37:17 +0100,
Dave Howorth wrote:
...and if that fails, use .rtf
Never accept a .doc ! Always insist on .rtf if they won't give you .odt
I certainly know that .doc files can contain a macrovirus, but are just
in what moves you to not use .doc in communication with Word users.

But more to the point, the preachy linux guy demanding everybody else
conform to HIS standards will win you no friends in the office.
Push it too hard in some environments and you will find yourself
installing Vista under orders.

BTW Opensource + standards != OO + linux only. (There are MS admins who
have been actually daft enough to go for Vista?, I suspect these are the
ones who may end up being down sized :-) ).

I was not speaking as an end (l)user, more as an ex I.T. admin who has
had to deal this kind of problem in the past.

In my experience when MS Office was standardised on, the nasty surprise
was that on a number of occasions later upgrades/patches produced
serious issues with documents produced in the previous version(s) which
occasionally did not turn up until months after any upgrade. Being a
closed format recovering something usable in this situation was often
problematic (and resource consuming).

Dealing with documents from external sources added further complications
as they cannot be expected to adhere to your organisations document
standards, and dealing with the doc format from such sources usually
took up excessive resources when it went wrong. Using the lowest common
denominator (which in this case is unfortunately rtf), usually avoids
this aspect of the problem.

The real long term solution is for applications to use an open common
format, on whatever ones platform of choice is.

If you want to use a non-standard package (Non standard for the
environment you are in), its up to YOU to make your software

Funnily enough, I agree with you,...

However I am speaking as someone who has had to try to move a an
environment from a mixture of solutions to a single solution with
limited resources. There is a limited capacity for be able to deal with
an individual wanting to do their own thing in this scenario. (Including
stopping them from doing it in the first place).

Of the commercial offerings I have come across MS Office is easily the
worst because of the range of options available for the more ignorant
users to mess up their documents or configuration. So such conformance
is a bit more difficult to enforce...

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