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Re: [opensuse] Whoop! Finally - 2 rows on kde4 kicker ("plasma-panel")
  • From: John Andersen <jsamyth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 12:40:32 -0700
  • Message-id: <4AA2BEB0.1090408@xxxxxxxxx>
Peter Van Lone wrote:

So -- in the case of your desired feature (diff wallpaper on each
desktop) there is no real advantage to activities -- you can get what
you want, but perhaps it takes a couple more steps. But activities
ALSO do other things (were designed to do so) and the wallpaper thing
was a secondary feature. Perhaps backsliding a bit, from the
perspective of wallpaper/virtual desktops (in that it is marginally
more clumsy to setup) but ... also a very different feature set than
what KDE 3.5 virtual desktops had.

You've totally missed the point of this whole discussion Peter.

Nobody is complaining about how many clicks it takes to set up
different wall paper, or different widgets on the desktop.

People are complaining because it doesn't work.

It is totally unreliable, it will corrupt itself for no obvious
reason, and even running with everything "locked" you will find your
desktop setup corrupted for no obvious reason.

Activities breed like rabbits at times you least expect. Zooming out
can reveal 5 desktops today, and 8 tomorrow when you can't remember
doing anything at all that should cause this. Further you can't delete
them because the Red X has vanished.

Zoom out from your Programming desktop, with all your programming
widgets, and zoom in to your Gaming Activity and now your IDE, Konsole
shells, and programming applications, are surrounded by your gaming
toys and wallpaper. Where your programming widgets and wallpaper went
is anyone's guess.

Once corrupted, all work comes to a halt, the task at hand is forgotten,
and you have a 15 minute hunt trying to get things back, with at least two new
activities generated along the way.

Developers view any mention of this as a personal attack and a "barrage
of criticism".

Users see it as platform instability, unreliability and something
they have no hope of explaining to their mother who found no such
problems with gnome or windows. Its as much work helping mom recover
her desktop as it was fighting viruses on windows for her.

Add to this is the big disconnect that people work with applications,
not widgets upon activities. There are very few useful widgets and
the ones that exist are unlikely to become mainstream.

Therefore until or unless you can wrap an application in a widget
and nail it to an activity which in turn can be absolutely nailed
down to the top left Desktop of the pager, widgets have little
value in the real world.

The basic problem (the 700 pound gorilla in the room) that developers
seem to have forgotten, is that Applications run on Desktops, where as
widgets run on activities.

Mixing the two concepts is currently a mess.

If Activities could easily contain mainstream applications we could
dispense with the Pager and multiple desktops and substitute the
activity pager.

Activities, at present, is a concept that was implemented before
it was thought thru, and programmed before it was designed, and imposed
before it was working.

Nobody is concerned about how many clicks it takes as long is once
set up it remains stable.
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