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Re: [opensuse] Who is using Gnome?
Randall R Schulz wrote:
On Tuesday February 3 2009, Kai Ponte wrote:

The Patterns (whatever exactly they are) used during installation are
somehow broken. If you select KDE 3.5 and nothing else, you can count
on getting a KDE 3.5 system. But every attempt I made (and for various
reasons there were about four of them) to add packages during the
initial installation's package selection phase resulted in a Gnome
desktop, something I cannot abide.

The only way I could find to get KDE 3.5 was to pick that option, change
nothing else in the package selcetion stage, go ahead with the
installation and then add all the other packages I wanted after the
system was up and running.

Ahh, that makes sense. I didn't try it a second time, but I always
select the patterns I want when installing. I - for example - selected
various servers on that machine and deselected other items.

kai ||

bis zum bitteren Ende

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