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[opensuse] Re: Kde4 desktop
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 12:47:08 +0100
  • Message-id: <49843A3C.8080909@xxxxxxxxx>
Sven Burmeister a écrit :
Am Samstag, 31. Januar 2009 11:14:16 schrieb jdd:
But I still don't really understand what are these folder view or
desktop view... right now I have the desktop folder *and* the... what
can be the name now??? what was the desktop before, that is my screen
background *together* (I have two sets of icons).

If I understand you correctly, you have set the desktop to use folder-view as
background and a folder-view plasmoid on top of it? So either you can remove
the plasmoid or point it to some other folder you work with, e.g. ~/Documents

I don't know :-(

The only thing I see is that a right clic on the background give me 2
different content, with one common entry: (appearence settings). From
this common entry, I can switch between folderview or desktop. The
switch only change the icons on the background, but the background
itself don't change.

on desktop view I can set plasmoids (what a curious name :-), on
folder view I have the usual kde3 rightclic menu and I see the
background and the Desktop folder content (full screen)

I see I can reduce the folder view, but then I have only a checker
(that is nothing) as background.

If you remove the plasmoid by clicking on its "X" you only get a checkerboard
background? That would definitely be wrong.

what "plasmoid"? I have none in any view. I have nothing I can remove.
I can only reduce (upper right icon when full screen)

If you do not care about your plasma config, i.e. panel etc. you can open a
konsole and do as user "kquitapp plasma", wait some seconds, then "rm
~/.kde4/share/config/plasma*" and finally "plasma".

that's a goos trick. I simply renamed the two plasma* files and got a
default folderview, good. thanks

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