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Re: [opensuse] RFC: Tabbed Browsing for Packages
  • From: Dave Plater <dave.plater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 07:25:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <497BF7BC.3010706@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Clayton wrote:

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

I do. The current drop-down filter change does not seem to be
discoverable. The patterns view often comes as a surprise to people.

Agreed... something needs to be tweaked... I can't count the number of
new users I help with openSUSE that don't twig that there are
different views. Well... actually.. I can.. so far it's been 100% of
the new users. I tell them about the drop down, and the consistent
common response is.. Oh.. I didn't see that.

What we as long time users forget is just how a new user looks at the
software. We get accustomed to the quirks... so much so that they do
not seem like quirks anymore... despite the fact that the usability
rating on some things is virtually zero.

There are quite a few improvements I'd like to see....
- remember the column widths when I resize them

The column width problem I have with 1280x1024 is a bug, they always
start off at mimimum width, it would be nice not to have to resize on
every new veiw.
- do not auto-close after installing some software (or make it
Fixed I think see
I never add all the software I want in one go
- add a view that shows ONLY the packages that can/need to be updated
- add an easy to find and clear installation summary view

I think tabs are a great idea... have a tab with a constantly updated
installation summary (for example). I can see tabs being more user
friendly... as long as the concerns raised in the blog entry are
thought about.. like tab clutter... ability to close tabs... ability
to opne specific tabs.. remember which tabs are preferred so that next
time it's opened, the same tabs are shown and so on.


Could maybe apply tabs to the partitioner as well.
Dave P

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