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Re: [opensuse] Smart in 11.1
  • From: "Rajko M." <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 11:11:36 -0600
  • Message-id: <200901231111.36912.rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 22 January 2009 01:13:28 am Manne Merak wrote:
Pit Suetterlin wrote:
Manne Merak wrote:
I have 11.1 installed and is mostly happy with the new installer. But
still feels Smart is better.
With Smart the install process will start downloading from several
sources, any way of getting zypper to do this? At the moment zypper
downloads all files sequentially.

Anyone using Smart on 11.1, any good or bad experiences?

Not really. Just wanted to mention that the parallel download of smart
was nice, but the *much* faster response of zypper of queries etc. more
than balances that (IMHO).
I switched from smart (used since SuSE 8.2) to zypper with 11.0


I was wondering. Is the fast response of zypper because of process
changes made to getting updates etc, or because the update repository is
still only a couple of Megs big? In other words, my 10.3 boxes takes
forever just to check for updates (using Smart) because the filelist is
already 18Meg big gzipped, is this handled differently with zypper? If
so, how is it done now? (using patches or diffs?)

and other articles, are written by developers, so it should be, beside source
code, proper place to look for explanation. Well, after some of insiders go
over it and update status.

It is many improvements from download to resolving dependencies.

Regards, Rajko
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