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[opensuse] 11.1 PPC on Old Powerbook
  • From: Luciano Mannucci <luciano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 16:54:20 +0100
  • Message-id: <20090122165420.58d1b1ca@xxxxxxxxxxx>

The hard disk of my old Powebook G4 died yesterday, Nothing unexpected:
the video did the same few months ago, and the internal DVD burner is
long gone, making the installation a bit of a challenge...
I bought a new HD (160 Gig, the HW sees it, pheew...), reinstalled
Tiger on a small partition, and then went to Opensuse 11.1, with a
fresh install (my 11.0 was an upgrade chain since 10.0). I burned the
DVD on a PC, and booted it from my external USB DVD burner.

The thing went alive, though at the first screen it did complain not
beeing able to set up a repository, and started to ask me a name and
a device. /dev/sr0 was the correct DVD, but I found no ways to make
the installer use it.
After aborting, I did a media check that passed.
I tryed with the 11.0 and all seemed ok. I stopped just before the
beginning of installation. The hardware seemed ok to me.
So I tryed again with 11.1, got the same result as the firts time,
went through the alt-FX screens and noticed a small "Could not start
hald". Found a sharp (#) prompt, typed "hald" and... magic! The
installer could find its repository!
After that, the installation was ok. I noticed I have no OpenOffice
on the DVD, all the rest was there and seems fine.

I haven't found OpenOffice after the installation, even after having
added almost all community repositories, so I've taken one from the
11.0 DVD. A bit tricky: I had to use --nodeps and had to restore the
various libicu version 38 files from my backup. And gave up on the
mailmerge, not wanting to mess-up with python versions.

The other thing that seems problematic is gdm: when it shuts down it
destroys the console fonts, so no message after that is readable.
Nothing vital, tough it seems to indicate a hidden bug somewhere.
I've noticed that gdm shows a users list (which halves the security)
at the logon request. Is there a way to get rid of that?

Cheers to everybody,

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