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Re: [opensuse] OpenSUSE 11.1 on PS3
On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 10:54 +0100, Stefan Assmann wrote:
John Lange wrote:
[.. snip general comments about Linux on the PS3 ..]

I've been playing with Linux on the PS3 for some time and I think I can
echo the general comments in this thread... It's pretty underwhelming.

Thanks for testing and giving feedback. It's really appreciated.

You're welcome but really the thanks should mostly go to the people who
are working on this at the code level. Even though so far for me the
result hasn't been that productive, I really do appreciate the time
people put into these things.

YaST should prefer ethernet over wifi if there's a cable connected. If
that's not the case feel free to open a bug for it.

There was a cable plugged in the whole time and it didn't configure eth0
for me. I'll probably try repeating the process and if it happens again
I'll file a bug report.

- The PS3 does not have the new ps3vram device which allows the system
to make use of the unused RAM from the video device.

Sorry, you are mistaken. The ps3vram is used by default in 11.1
and you can check that it works by looking at /proc/swaps. You'll see an
entry with /dev/mtdblock0.

Could it be that because I had previously installed OpenSUSE, the
installer saw a swap partition on the disk and used it by default?

It is definitely using disk for swap at the moment so something went

The ps3vram device might be there (I'm not near the system at the
moment). I was looking for /dev/ps3vram so I'll go back and look
for /dev/mtdblock0 instead.

I was under the impression it didn't make it into the kernel until
2.6.29 so I probably jumped to the wrong conclusion.

BuildService for ppc is up at :)

Heh. Thanks but that isn't going to help with MPlayer or sdlmame.

John Lange

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