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Re: [opensuse] No backup configuration in YaST 11.1
  • From: Lukas Ocilka <lukas.ocilka@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 15:13:52 +0100
  • Message-id: <4975DC20.4080006@xxxxxxx>
Josef Reidinger wrote:
JosipBroz wrote:
Hi there.
IIRC there was a default configuration in YaST 11.0 > System > System
You just had to customize it and you had a (somewhat) working backup
in place (with cron, anacron, and everything else pre-configured). Now, when
you go to YaST > System > System backup, there's just this blank window
staring at you. Am I supposed to be able to create a backup config from
scratch? I'm not able to do that. Even if I try, it never runs (or it tries
backup 300 GB of data to a 2 GB partition). Any suggestions? Or, better: any
pre-configured backup schemes to dig out or download from anywhere?

I don't know If I good understand. But if blank window is really empty
window, then it is bug (and fill it to bugzilla).
If not, then you can easily add backup of config by Add Profile(and fill
what and where store) and then set Automatic backup.


An empty window means there are no backup profiles defined yet. This is
actually correct I'm afraid. We don't ship any default profiles with the
yast2-backup package.

You can define a new profile quite easily using the "Profile Management"
-> "Add Profile" menu entry in the base screen (as mentioned above).

If backup is actually trying to backup 300 GB to a 2 GB partition, you
have to change it. "Profile Management" -> "Edit (Profile)". Then change
the "Filename" in the "Archive Settings" dialog. In the "Search
Constraints" you can also exclude some directories of files from the
backup (obviously creating a backup of the backup itself doesn't make
sense) and/or just backup only some directories (in the very same dialog).

If you want cron to run the backup automatically, use "Profile
Management" -> "Automatic Backup".

Hint: Backup uses a temporary directory while creating the backup
itself. You can change the directory by entering the "Backup Options"
dialog and pressing the "Expert" button. You'll see "Temporary Location
of Archive Parts" there.



Lukas Ocilka, YaST Developer (xn--luk-gla45d)
Ano, ano. Moudry rozkaz. Sam jsem nemel v tech gratulacich jasno.

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