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Re: [opensuse] trying to figure out how to share a data drive
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 23:59:53 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <alpine.LSU.2.00.0901172341190.17253@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Saturday, 2009-01-17 at 17:13 +0800, George Olson wrote:

Joe Morris wrote:

You didn't include the user info. Best to run ls-l /windows/D in an
xterm, then copy and paste the output into the email.

thanks. here is copied from my terminal window:

drwxr-xr-x 1 root users 0 2009-01-09 19:06 Bluetooth Exchange Folder
-rw-r--r-- 2 root users 130 2009-01-09 18:53 Files named @.wmv.fnd

Ok, it means it has been mounted by root, and only root can write. You have several alternatives:

* umount as root, then mount as user. For this you need to add "user" to
your fstab line, before the "users":

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST9250827AS_5RG0CMC3-part1 /windows/C ntfs-3g
user,users,gid=users,... etc

You can also add "noauto" so that you don't need to umount first as
root. This is my prefered method.

* You can add a "uid=username" (or number), which will define the owner
of all files (vfat and ntfs only, I think), regardless of who mounts

* you can set write permissions for the group. This can be done with
"fmask=0117,dmask=0007", for instance. I do this.

* I forgot what I was going to suggest now, I'm multitasking with a
movie on tv. O:-)

- -- Cheers,
Carlos E. R.

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