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Re: [opensuse] Perhaps <OT>: Visual Basic into MONO
Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
Perhaps this is off topic. Does anyone on this list have experience with
importing MS Visual Basic 6 code into MONO? I have been asked by an
engineer about getting it into MS .NET, and I suggested that since a
change was going to happen, why not explore MONO as well. Should I hide
behind my desk? I confess to having zip VB experience. I am a C/asm/Tcl

If it is of any consolation - I remember still being at TechEd 2001
where Bill & Co. formally launched .NET. I was a VB programmer at the time.

Basically the word was - if your program is anything more than a
single-form with "hello world" running on a label, you'd be better off
recoding in .NET than trying to convert.

However - YMMV.

That said - I have tried running C# assemblies under mono and been
mildly successful. It only depended on the linked libraries and whether
or not the latest version of Windows.Forms was being used. (As usual,
the latest isn't supported in Mono.)

kai ||

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