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Re: [opensuse] Media mystery.
  • From: "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 01:03:32 -0500
  • Message-id: <496ADD34.30304@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Rodney Baker wrote:
On Thursday 08 January 2009 19:41:58 Fred A. Miller wrote:
JosipBroz wrote:
Dne četrtek 08 januar 2009 ob 09:34:02 je Markus Koßmann napisal(a):
Now, if I open the disk with Konq. or Dolphin, they tell me the total
number of files is 153 and the total size is 72.9G!! The disk cover
says it's a dual layer DVD. It contains English, French, and Spanish
languages. I'm presently extracting only the English files in K9Copy
and already (compressed of course) have a total of almost 7G and it's
not done yet!!

Can anyone explain what Disney has managed to do to get this much on a
dual layer DVD, which I had assumed wouldn't even play on an old DVD
Probably some kind of copy protection ;-) Just put some wrong data into
the right places of the filesystem and you will get that
IIRC, there is also something similar to symlinking the files on a DVD;
so, for example, files in each language directory are counted separately,
although they may be actually just "symlinks" to other locations.
It is strange....going to look at it later to view stats of the video
dir. Whatever is going on, there's no way to copy it.


I won't be surprised if you get up around 9G once it's finished. I've seen
this on some Andre Rieu DVD's (apparently it is quite common with
produced DVD's).

Yes, it is possible to resample/transcode them down to fit onto a 4.7GB DVD-R
using K9Copy (or even ffmpeg) with some loss of quality (more so video than

Ah......I stopped the k9copy when it was 12G and still not done.
Nope.....this is one strange DVD!!


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