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Re: [opensuse] Workspaces X Wallpapers (KDE4)
  • From: "Amedee Van Gasse" <amedee@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 23:09:07 +0100 (CET)
  • Message-id: <34502.>
On Fri, January 9, 2009 00:54, Milho wrote:
At first: sorry for the accusation... blame it on me the fact I forgot
the cultural difference between our countries. Here, it could be normal,
not offensive :(
(it's a joke, please don't be offended)

I got a little stressed seeing the way my topic follows... It is not
anymore a discussion about how to set different wallpapers: it's a
discussion about KDE's quality... It became a simple flame war, except
for a little group that still discuss about the real problem.

I agree with you. I also don't like it that it has become a flame war.
In fact, I only joined the discussion when it was already sliding
downwards. I wanted to put the discussion back on track with some factual
And there is nothing that irritates the trolls in this topic more than
sensible people like you and me who have a reasonable conversation and a
civilised exchange of ideas.

I tried here to set a wallpaper in each workspace, but it sets the same
for every workspace. So, if there's any other option that have to be
changed, please let us know.

I'll tell you how I did it.
In the upper right corner of the desktop, there is a plasmoid to zoom out.
When I zoom out, I can see 4 desktops on my screen.
I click on the first desktop with the right mouse button, choose desktop
settings, and select a wallpaper. Then I save my changes.
Then, with the 4 desktops still zoomed out, I click with the right mouse
button on the second desktop, set the wallpaper, save.
Same for desktop 3 and 4.

That's how I made the screenshot that I sent earlier.

I agree that this method is clumsy. Also I have noticed that when I log
out and back in, that all desktops revert to the wallpaper of the upper
left desktop. So it still needs a lot of work.
But one can't really truthfully say that it is totally impossible to set
multiple wallpapers. I declare shenanigans to people who claim that. It
only proves that they have not tried it themselves and that they are only
repeating what others have said and written.

And I still don't know two things: when is KDE 4.2 being released?

The first question is easy to answer if you go to
Their most recent announcement is
There you can read:

December 18, 2008. The KDE Community today announced the immediate
availability of "Canaria", (a.k.a KDE 4.2 Beta 2), the second testing
release of the new KDE 4.2 desktop. Canaria is aimed at testers and
Since the release of KDE 4.1.0, more than ten thousand bugs were closed,
showing a massive focus on stability in the upcoming KDE 4.2.0 which will
be released in January 2009, 6 months after KDE 4.1. KDE 4.2.0 will be
followed up by a series of monthly service updates and followed up by KDE
4.3.0 in summer 2009.

And is it coming with Suse 11.2?

KDE 4.2.0 release = January 2009
I don't know what the normal release schedule is for OpenSuse. Is it a
fixed period, like every 6 months for Ubuntu? Or is it more "it will be
ready when it's done", like for Debian?
Eiter way, my guess is that OpenSuse 11.2 will be released many months
after the release of KDE 4.2, so logically it would be included.

But only an OpenSuse release manager could tell you for sure.

Kind regards,

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