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Re: [opensuse] Open With
  • From: "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 09:42:28 -0600
  • Message-id: <200901030942.32294.bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 2009 January 03 09:00:46 Kai Ponte wrote:
How do I add an application to the right-click menu of Konqueror?

I want to add Kate to the Open With options.

Or, if possible, add an "edit" option with Kate being my default.

Can I do this?

Yes. There's a couple of different ways, but the one I used today was:
1. Open folder/directory containing the file in Konqueror.
2. Right click file.
3. Choose "Properties" from the pop-up menu.
4. In the properties dialog, locate the "Type:" line, and click the unlabeled
(!) wrench/gear icon.
5. This brings up the edit file type dialog. Changes in here are visible to
all KDE application, although some may or may not use all the information
6. If "Kate" is not in the program list under "Application Preference Order",
click the "Add..." button.
6.1. This opens the standard choose program dialog. Choose the correct kate
command line by opening "Utilities", opening "Editor", and then
clicking "Kate".
6.2. Accept your selection and close the dialog by clicking the "OK" button.
7. At this point, you may close the edit file type and properties dialogs by
clicking their "OK" buttons and Kate will be available under the "Open
With ->" submenu.
8. If you would like Kate to be the default application for opening this file
type, return to the edit file type dialog. If you closed it, simply follow
steps 1-4 again.
9. Select "Kate" under the "Application Preference Order" by clicking it.
10. Repeatedly click the "Move Up" button until "Kate" reaches the top of the
list and the button is disabled.
11. Accept your modifications and close the dialog by clicking the "OK"
12. Now, you may close the properties dialog by clicking its "OK" button and
activating (single- or double-clicking, depending on your settings) any file
of that type will open it in kate.
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. ,= ,-_-. =.
bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ((_/)o o(\_))
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