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Re[4]: [opensuse] How do I do this with zypper?
  • From: "Christian" <christian08@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 16:22:07 +0100
  • Message-id: <200901021622070582.003C175C@xxxxxxxxx>

On 2009-01-02 at 07:43 Teruel de Campo MD wrote:

On Fri, 2009-01-02 at 15:26 +0100, Christian wrote:
OK, but i dont want to create my own packages. When i download an
application and want to compile it some dependencies are needed. For
example, in Debian I type:
apt-get build-dep application
Many thanks,


What I do is the following

1. Open the readme file :)

2. Open yast/software manager and download the dependencies. If they are
not there (rare) then I build them from source

3. $./configure

4. $make

5. #checkinstall.
That creates an rpm to be use only in you system or in a very similar
6. install the rpm

Note: the rpm vs make install imho has the advantage that is easier to

Many thanks for that info.
Two questoins here:
Why $make and not just make?
Isn't it possible to download the dependencies from the command line if I want
to? I can use yast no problems but was just curious.
Many thanks,

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