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Re: [opensuse] Keyboard non-responsive after login??
  • From: "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 15:25:41 -0600
  • Message-id: <200812311525.42040.bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 2008 December 31 14:51:51 Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) wrote:
2008/12/31 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. <bss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
On Wednesday 2008 December 31 13:40:24 Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) wrote:
I have had a look on the troublesome machine at the ~./kde directory
and there are a few sub directories in there but nothing mentioning
config or profile. Should I just rename the ~./kde directory using the
root user to ~./kde.2008-12-31? I guess then a login with the troubled
user would recreate a new ~./kde directory? Then I need to reconfigure
a few of the apps?

Did you spell the names "~./kde" or "~/.kde"? There's a sizeable
difference between the two, and you want "~/.kde" not "~./kde".

Tnx Boyd. The directory file is in my home directory so I assume ~/.kde

I only ask because your message consistently spelled it "~./kde".

Having a look at ~/ I see there is a /.kde and /.kde4 directory so I
guess I should rename both?

Probably just the one that corresponds to the version of KDE you are using.

Sorry Nordi the 'using binary search' concept flew over my head.

"Binary search" to find problematic files in .kde:

Tnx for the explanation but it would seem the renaming of a directory
is FAR easier. :)

Maybe. Depends on how long it takes you to reconstruct your settings. After
the binary search technique nearly all your setting are there. After
renaming the directory nearly all your settings are gone.
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