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Re: [opensuse] Opera - my first impression, a very pleasant surprise
  • From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 10:16:05 -0600
  • Message-id: <491DA445.9010403@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Pavol Rusnak wrote:
David C. Rankin wrote:
Nicely done. (the default font configuration could use some work,
Bitstream 16 pt. and Times New Roman??)

Hi! I'm opera maintainer for SUSE. How exactly would you like to change
font settings?


Thank you for you post. I have looked at the fonts available for the
openSuSE install and these are the fonts that work well, and the fonts
available to everyone who installs openSuSE. (I'm not sure if the fonts impact
and comic sans are defaults, but I think they are) Currently, the default
Opera install uses fonts not found on openSuSE by default. (Arial and Times New
Roman) The font that looks/renders the best for sans, serif and monotype is
DejaVu which is a default on openSuSE. When you look at the preferences:

Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Fonts

for some reason you see 2 (two) sets of DejaVu fonts (1) DejaVu [unknown] and
(2) DejaVu [misc]. You can't use the [misc] fonts, they look terrible. You must
use the DejaVu [unknown] font, that renders perfectly. The fonts I have chosen
that give Opera the cleanest, best looking interface are:

Type Font Size

E-mail Compose DejaVu Sans [unknown] 12
E-mail Display DejaVu Sans [unknown] 12
Browser menus DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Browser toolbars DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Browser dialogs DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Browser panels DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Browser tooltips DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Web page normal text DejaVu Sans [unknown] 13
Web page <pre> DejaVu Sans [unknown] 13
Text field multi-line DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Text field single-line DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Form buttons DejaVu Sans [unknown] 11
Font-family serif DejaVu Serif [unknown]
Font-family sans-serif DejaVu Sans [unknown]
Font-family cursive Impact [monotype]
Font-family fantasy Comic Sans MS [microsoft]
Font-family monospace DejaVu Sans Mono [unknown]
Web page <h1> DejaVu Serif 26 bold
Web page <h2> DejaVu Serif 22 bold
Web page <h3> DejaVu Serif 18 bold
Web page <h4> DejaVu Serif 16 bold
Web page <h5> DejaVu Serif 13 bold
Web page <h6> DejaVu Serif 12 bold

Set it up on openSuSE and take a look. It looks very good. One other
thing. I
don't know why, but fonts seem to render smaller in Opera then they do in other
applications. I guess that is due to the font library/engine it uses. It's not
a big deal, just something to notice when selecting fonts.

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