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Re: [opensuse] KDE users - What has been your experience with KDE in openSUSE 11.0?
  • From: Mark Misulich <munguanaweza@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 17:41:15 -0400
  • Message-id: <48C59BFB.3000404@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Larry Stotler wrote:
We've been having some interesting discussions over on the factory
mailing list, and it was pointed out that maybe we were ignoring the
regular users, so I figured I'd give it a shot and see how things have
been going for those using KDE in openSUSE 11.0.

General questions I have for you are:

1. Which KDE are you using, v3.x or v4.x?

I can use either, but in general I use v3.x because it works, is stable,
and seems to have the programs that I need to use. Secondly, I can
extract a tarball to the desktop without having to go through a lot of
extra work when I install a program. In v4.x I have to create a folder
on the desktop, then use ark to extract the tarball to that folder, then
get down to the business of installing whatever it was that I wanted to
install in the OS.
2. If you are using KDE4, what are your thoughts? Better than KDE3
or Gnome? Worse?

My first experience with KDE4.1 was that it crashed when I tried to
change the wallpaper to something that I liked. It wiped out my trash
icon on the desktop in 3.x as well. I couldn't figure out a way to
reinstall the trash icon on the desktop in 3.x or 4.x when I reinstalled
4.1, so now I have a trashcan icon in kicker. It works about the same,
just can't get it in the "right" place on the desktop.
3. If you are using KDE4, have you updated to the current v4.1.x
build that is available or are you still using the v4.0.x build that
came with the installation?

I updated to v4.1 right from the start, because it was rumored to be
much better. I suppose that is true, but compared to v3.x it isn't too
4. If you have used KDE3 in the past, and are using KDE4 now, do you
feel that it is a good replacement for KDE3? Strengths of KDE4?

I don't feel that it is a good replacement for KDE3. It just isn't
stable enough, in my opinion. It is a little harder to do installations
of programs that must be installed from tarball because it won't extract
to one folder on the desktop automatically.

I use KDE4 to play with to prepare for the inevitable future when I have
to know how to use it, but don't use it for what I really need to do now.
5. Do you like the look and feel of KDE in either KDE3 or KDE4? If
not, what would improve it?

KDE3 is fine, and works good. KDE4 has a good future when it gets fixed
to a stable condition, and when it becomes more fully featured.

Your Welcome,
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