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Re: [opensuse] A BIG "show stopper" for openSUSE at the corporate level anyway!!
  • From: "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 18:40:03 -0400
  • Message-id: <486FF843.9080100@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ed Harrison wrote:
Fred A. Miller wrote:
I rec'd a call from a sys. admin. out int he mid-west. He was looking to
replace RH on a LARGE number of desktops AND servers, until he tried to
install Antivir which has a dependency of dazuko. Now, if you want to be
the "top dog" in the corporate world, you DON'T make it impossible or
nearly so to run Antivir on openSUSE 11.0 by not allowing dazuko to run,
nor be able to compile it. It appears to me and to MANY others that only
one security module is allowed to run on openSUSE 11.0 and that is it's
own AppArmor.

Now, is all this correct or not?! IF not, then why did openSUSE 11.0 ship with a defective dazuko?! Antivir may not be critical for me, but it sure is for businesses of mixed environment. Someone had to know that this was defective before release.


I tried to overcome this handicap.

I compiled a vanilla kernel with all LSM's disabled (you cannot choose "make as module").

Installed antivir successfully.

I then tried the SuSE dazuko--no go; still burps on redirfs on module load. Tried with downloaded redirfs, still a no go.

Removed SuSE dazuko and redirfs; tried latest of each from the web.

It appears there is no way to active ON-ACCESS antivir on SuSE 11.0.

Confirmed! And, this IS why it's a "show stopper" for business.....AND some individuals as well. There's no excuse for it not working from the openSUSE repositories......period.


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