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Re: [opensuse] ATI fglrx driver problems
  • From: "Anton Moiseev" <benderamp@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 23:46:52 +0300
  • Message-id: <9aa228cf0802131246wd432aefu44168ecfe98229c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm glad, that you have achieved some working solution. As for me, I
was lucky and desided not to solve the problem in the xorg.conf file
manually and searched the issue in the inet and found out that on ATI
dual head can be configured only with Catalist - it saved me much
time. With closed drivers it seems that the working solution can't be
found following the usual logic - it would work only in the way
programmers from ATI decided to do it, so I prefer to use only the
standard tools they provide - like Catalist - and not to touch
xorg.conf by myself.

Regarding the system hang - I also have similar problems - they have
appeared in latest drivers - there were no such problems, for example,
in summer (but there were other problems). For example, I have updated
the driver about a week ago, and now I can't log out from kde to gdm -
I see the black screen and can only reboot with ctrl+alt+del (it was
ok before this update). I also can't do init 3, init 5 to reset X -
the system totally hangs. Probably there are more such problems. I
only hope for the new open drivers written from opened specs, so
probably in the next year my desktop would become stable.

On Feb 13, 2008 11:04 PM, Marc Chamberlin <marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Anton Moiseev wrote:
Sure, this is mine

On Feb 13, 2008 12:53 AM, Marc Chamberlin <marc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anton, Per - Could I ask you to send me a copy of your xorg.conf file
configured for working in clone mode? Perhaps I can spot a difference
that I am not getting/overlooking.

Thanks... Marc...

Thank you Anton for sending me your xorg.log file. It helped a lot in
the sense that it made me realize that there must be two very separate
models on how video displays are being handled, fglrx has one and X11
has another, and the two are NOT well integrated. Apparently fglrx will
handle, on its own, clone and big desktop displays and X11 handles dual
head with separate desktop displays. When laying out the xorg.conf file
this is very confusing and NOT will explained. The trick for me was to
get rid of the separate screen, device and monitor sections of the
xorg.conf file EVEN THOUGH I think it was aticonfig that had set them up
initially for me. That had suggested I needed them for what I was trying
to do. Instead, I have found out that what is required is you must set
up the Mode2 option for the second monitor. Wow was I ever lead down the
primrose path using that tool! The real problem with that tool is that
it gives you NO guidance on how to set up a second monitor. Nowhere does
it's help text or what little documentation supplied with it say that
setting up the Mode2 options for the second monitor is required IF you
are trying to use it in a clone mode. IMHO these tools (aticonfig, Sax2,
Catalysis Control Center) are failing badly to meet the needs of users.
Apparently expert levels of knowledge is a requirement in setting up the
displays, they sure didn't GUIDE me to a good workable solution...

Anywise I now have both monitors working in a clone mode so that much is
working. I still have the much more serious problem of the screen
locking up on me and freezing the entire system. I will keep digging and
if anyone has suggestions on how to track this down I sure will
appreciate any an all help offered!

Also thanks Per for your help and Patrick for your news etiquette nanny
services, writing to news groups is just another layer of rules, models,
and non-intuitive practices one must learn in these difficult computer
worlds. Not a whole lot different than setting up xorg.conf files...

Marc... now off to the next problem, why my system is freezing up
which has strong suggestions of being yet another display related
problem (see my earlier posts)....

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