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Re: [opensuse] Will there be a LTS version of OpenSuse?
  • From: peter <nospam@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 18:58:04 +0100
  • Message-id: <479E17AC.3020501@xxxxxxxx>
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G T Smith schrieb:

|> This all of course purely theoretically!!
|> I just speculate on that topic in order make a point that an Opensuse
|> LTS might be, to same extend, a proper precaution for the future for
|> Novell. But as always I might be wrong.

| I think someone is arguing for openSuSE to adopt the Windows Siesta
| licence model :-)

ROTFL. Btw, what the heck is "Windows"? Just kidding.

| Having so many versions that everyone gets confused :-)

It depends. Ubuntu has also a similar release model. And look at their

I know that such a release model would contradict Novell's need for
guinea pigs. But I can live with being used. I even like it. I use
Opensuse on a Workstation for the following main reasons:

1. I have a still great sentiment to SuSE.
2. Opensuse is providing the best KDE environment, according to my
3. I like to play with cutting edge software and as you know there is
many of it.

Unfortunatelly I find no reasons to put Opensuse even on a home server.
And having the same repositories for both server and wks is definitely
not an added value to me.

Thus a LTS release would be much appreciated by me.

And btw, SLES ain't only stability. Its more to it. No one ask Novell to
put SLES' specific scripts into a LTS Opensuse.

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All the best, Peter J. N.
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