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Re: [opensuse] Will there be a LTS version of OpenSuse?
  • From: peter <nospam@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 17:22:39 +0100
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Ortwin Ebhardt schrieb:

| Well you *can* download SLE[SD] Priducts without any contract. You only
| got to register at Novell to get an account, but there are no contracts,
| payments whatsoever involved. You even can use SLES for free. (For it is
| all GPL.)

I know.

| You need a contract to get updates. If you don't have one you only get
| updates in the first 30 days. A Novell Contract comes at $290 for a
| year, $725 for three years. I know that having one subsicription you can
| update as many systems as you like. (There even is some product of
| Novell (ZEN-Works) to distribute patches and so on in your network.)

I know

| don't know if it would be possible to get a contract, get the updates
| and share them to the public. (I mean legaly; of coure it is possible to
| do such a thing...) Theoretical, those updates should be GPL, too.

That's my point. Those updates, maybe not all, are GPl. AFAIK there is
no way Novell can forbid to share those updates and AFAIK Novell has
also even to provide the source code if at least demanded. The only
thing Novell might do is to terminate the subscription under some
legally suited pretext.

But if someone would intended such a re-branding then what would Novell
do? Fight and endanger its own reputation if that got public? Coz IMO in
such case the open source would probably get really "pissed".

This all of course purely theoretically!!
I just speculate on that topic in order make a point that an Opensuse
LTS might be, to same extend, a proper precaution for the future for
Novell. But as always I might be wrong.

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All the best, Peter J. N.
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