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Re: [opensuse] rsync questions - backups - again !
  • From: Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2007 22:11:14 -0500
  • Message-id: <200712082211.14409.911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 08 December 2007 08:10:40 am Billie Walsh wrote:
Bob S wrote:
Hello SuSE people,

I plan to buy an external USB drive for my backups. I would really like
to do a commmplete and full backup.

Can I make a "clone" of my SUSE 10.3 ? I mean bootable and everything. If
not, can I copy everything and then boot it from the DVD? Again, if not,
and I just want a backup of everything, must I partition the new drive
exactly as the original drive and rsync the partitions individually?

I am thinking hard drive failure (could take it out of the enclosure and
replace the failed internal disk with it) as well as file corruption
backups. Used to use Kdar for backups but it isn't supported for 10.3 Was
always worried about a reinstall after a hard drive failure with all of
the extra stuff I have installed.

Bob S

Just a suggestion.

I've been playing around with Mondo Rescue. [ ] It's not exactly what your thinking of
doing. It makes a CD/DVD set that will boot and reinstall your system
EXACTLY as it was when the set was made. Then you could use a smaller
backup set to replace any changes.

Thanks for the suggestion Billie.

I used Mondo/Mindi way back in SuSE 8 days. Yes it made a faithful bootable
copy of the system. Once you made it though, it hung around for 6 months or
so because you didn't want to do that very often. Things change drastically
in that 6 month period with updates and file data so there is still the
problem of incremental backups. I think that I would like something that
does it all at once. Hence my question to the list.

I think that "Mike", one of the original proponents for Mondo/Mindi for SuSE
still lurks on this list.

Bob S
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