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[SLE] Installing 10.2 on External USB hard drive
  • From: Ralph Ellis <ralphellis1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 02:34:42 -0400
  • Message-id: <200607200234.43005.ralphellis1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Since most computers now can boot from external USB hard drives, I have always
wanted to try installing a distribution on one. Theoretically you could do
this and take your software setup with you to any new computer as long as you
had generic video drivers or ran YAST and Sax2 in failsafe mode at the start.
Suse 10.1 would install on my external USB hard drive but it was touchy in
failsafe mode. The Suse 10.2 Alpha 2 installed without a problem on the
external drive. I know that you have to install it in text mode but this
acutally sped up the installation process.

The installation boots up without a problem and runs exceptionally fast with
the USB connection to the computer. The only issues that I have hit are that
even though the GRUB menu lists the Suse 10.1 and Windows installation on my
main hard drive, they will not boot properly. To run these, I either have to
turn off the USB hard drive or select to boot the main hard drive from my
BIOS settings at boot time. Also since there are no update servers for 10.2
Alpha 2, I had to set up the YAST repositories on my own and I also used the
Smart program manager to get upgrades. The add on package from Labix is
essential for this as it lists almost all the reposoitories. As always, Xgl
takes a little time to set up but my windows are back to wobbling again.

Overall, the 10.2 Alpha 2 installation works very well and seems to be more
stable to me than the 10.1 installation. It looks like Suse is on the right
track again. When 10.2 hits the Final Release phase, it should be a killer
Ralph Ellis

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