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Re: [SLE] FYI: OpenSUSE vs Vista
  • From: suse@xxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 04 Jun 2006 14:55:06 -0400
  • Message-id: <44832C8A.9040406@xxxxxx>
Kenneth Aar wrote:
S√łndag 04 juni 2006 20:07, skrev suse@xxxxxx:
My screen, technically, looks much more like NeXTstep, with the bar on
the right side vertically. MacOS had the menu at the top, Windows put
the menu at the bottom, we now have Gnome putting a menu at the top AND
the bottom. But, honestly, there are only so many permutations that are
still consistent with usability and utility.

If you think so, you really have to look at if I were Novell/SUSE I would look at this desktop and think what could we do here with GLX and Symphony combined.

Why? What's so different about that desktop? The screenshots look much like every other "experimental" windowing system. Just like the old Enlightenment themes, it has a fatal blind spot: Noboty uses small windows in the middle of the screen. When people actually _use_ their computers, the main app they're using is either maximized to fill the whole screen or tiled. That symphony thing wastes screen real estate. It looks pretty, it demo's pretty, but when it comes down to getting work done on it, it's not so pretty anymore.

Just look at this:

What advantage does that screen have other KDE/Gnome? Because that's what a real user is looking at 99% of the time. (If it's not the web browser, it's an Office prog, a tiled screen of terminals, a mail app, or image editor or whatever) And that screen shows no app list, no desktop pager, system usage, docked audio player, volume, updates, or quick launch buttons.

As a desktop to be gawked at, it's very pretty. Usability? Not so much.

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