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Re: [opensuse] GNOME 2.14/15 and Ximian rants
On Sun, May 21, 2006 at 11:03:38PM +0100, Thomas Hertweck wrote:
> The GNOME developers mentioned in this thread are employed by Novell
> which means they work for Novell and not for the community. I think,
> Novell decides about the projects for those developers and what they
> are allowed to do and develop. If Novell is a good employer, then
> those developers can make proposals for reasonable projects, or they
> even have the right to make decisions on their own within their
> assigned area of responsibility. Of course, they should receive some
> feedback from the users and the community (a programmer/developer
> always needs some feedback!), but Novell (the employer) is still the
> top priority. And the developers have to account for their work.

They are employees, not slaves. So if they follow the community that they
make the software for is just a logical step. Wether or not they are
allowed to do what that community wants is another matter.

But then again they might be more interested in following a specific GNOME
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