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2006-03-07 status meeting
  • From: Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 23:29:51 +0100
  • Message-id: <200603022329.53265@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I just put some points to the agenda of the

I also checked the old meeting minutes for open action items. Here's
what seems to be still open (I added some comments in "[...]"):

Action Item skh, henne: [on hold till after 10.1 launch]
- Prepare and announcement for list migration to the internal SUSE
- risk assesment for the internal packagers list.
Action Item adrian:
- check again with IS&T about searchable archives. [nearly running]

Action Item cthiel, pascal:
- evaluate our FOSDEM participation after FOSDEM

Build Service:
Action Item everybody:
- Discuss Trust/Rating system at FOSDEM

Action Item henne:
- Discuss mirror situation in opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx [ongoing/done?]
- Involve ftpadmin@suse in the discussion
Action Item schiele: [2006-02-21: Discuss this at FOSDEM]
- discuss how we can make the drpmsync service better
- help in the documentation process, extending
Action Item notlocalhorst:
- upload final 10.1 torrents to the wiki [just for the records, can't
be done yet obviously ;-) ] frontpage redesign
Action Item michl:
- discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki

Forum discussion
Action Item Viras:
- take the discussion to the forum people in forum
Action item skh:
- talk to suse internal people to see about resources, etc if the forum
idea goes ok
Action Item StormX:
- invite the other forum maintainers to the
opensuse-forum category

subfs discussion
Action Item henne:
- write SDB article about alternatives of subfs
Action item skh
- Add to the task force page

[not an action item, but open questions:]
- status of community booth?
- really no "commercial" Novell booth?

SDB migration to wiki
Action Item notlocalhorst:
- write HOWTO style-guide [2006-02-21: ongoing]
- communicate that we want to keep SDB clean of HOWTO like writings
[2006-02-21: unclear]

10.1 status
Action Item notlocalhorst: [+ garloff]
- write documentation about the end user part of the KMP switch

Status 10.1
Action Item AJaeger
- add info about all the small YaST tools to the libzypp Wiki page
Action Item skh / AJaeger
- explain "Feature Freeze" on Factory and write something about the
development model to Factory

Status mailinglists
Action Item henne/Klaus
- find out if we can help heiko with the postfix rewrites for the new
list server
[additionally, a short status update would be a good idea]

Creation of a Community Task from Meetings
Action Item skh
- create the Tasks Wiki page
Action Item darix
- take care of Bugzilla->Wiki piping for that page

old Action Item henne:
- Rework download page to match the new media layout
-> Action item skh
- Put on the task page
old Action item michl:
- Discuss front page redesign on opensuse-wiki
-> Action item shk
- Put on the task page

I hope I did not miss anything and also didn't list things that are done
already ;-) - feel free to correct me.

While doing this list, I thought about a wiki page to manage open
"action items" which could be a good method to avoid that things are

Proposed handling:
- create a page "open action items"
- after every meeting, collect all action items on that page
(yes, that duplicates that information. But on the other hand, it
avoids that you have to scan all meeting minutes - it needs more time,
trust me ;-)
- when an item is done, simply remove it from the "open action items"
page (or: mark them as done, remove them two weeks later after the
next meeting)

Do you think this would be a good idea? If yes, I will create the "Open
Action Items" page and add the listed items there.


Christian Boltz
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