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OT GMail, Problems with email downloading
  • From: "Constant Brouerius van nidek" <cbroueriusvannidek@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 16:25:52 +0700
  • Message-id: <7c43535e0602190125m45bb019es@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Since yesterday night I have problems with the downloading of GMail.
For that I use Kmail and this worked for weeks. There where some
problems at the same time with my ADSL (ISP had troubles?)but after a
time laps my ADSL connection was up and running again.
As I receive this message from Kmail;

Could not login to The password may be wrong.
The server said: "[AUTH] Username and password not accepted."

I suspected a problem with my GMail password. I can access GMail so I
thought it a good idea to change my password. The new password is
included in the Kmail configuration but still I get the above
frustrating message.

Somebody with an idea?
A solution would be to use fetchmail for the downloading. This works
without problem for another account. But configuring fetchmail is a
too big task for me. With fetchmailconf I become stuck in inputs that
I do not recognize and for a direct editing of fetchmailrc I need an
exact line to put in. I could of course use the line from my other ISP
but that would not garantee a faultless functioning. As far as I
remember GMail wants the 995 port to be opened and some SSL and I do
no see a place to include that in fetchmailrc.
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