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Re: [opensuse] harware compatibility
  • From: "Joseph M. Gaffney" <CuCullin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 09:58:24 -0500
  • Message-id: <200602150958.24723.CuCullin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 15 February 2006 06:52, jdd wrote:
> Pascal Bleser wrote:
> > Jean-Daniel could you *please* avoid such stupid and polemic statements.
> > Of course no one wants to "push all these people out of SUSE world",
> > such statements are - excuse me - just plain dumb.
> alas it's not stupid. this has been the SUSE way from the
> beginning. each new suse asks for more computer power, just
> for install with yast.

Actually, it is stupid. Stupid and inflammatory.

Now, a graphical installer having more capabilities added to it... you expect
it to need _less_ power? More abilities = more requirements. Welcome to
modern computing.

> > Did you see some statement somewhere that SUSE Linux is not supposed to
> > run on older hardware ? I didn't. Hence, this is just a bug on this
> > particular notebook, that's it.
> alas, I do!!!!
> "Main memory: At least 256 MB; 512 MB recommended"
> and most low end computers have only 128
> so, true, my laptop can't.

For a full graphical environment, yes. This is not a SUSE specific issue,
this is GNOME & KDE - again, we're talking about this whole modern technology
thing. Ask it to do more, and it needs more. You want less ram to be
needed? Use a more lightweight DE.

> notice that I don't really need 10.0, I could really well
> live with 9.1 if the security upadtes where here. after all
> the kernel is already 2.6...

As long as you're keeping it up to date, there isn't really anything wrong
with that. I do believe in up to date linux everywhere, though. I would
recommend a text-mode install, if you have not done so already, or perhaps
autoyast pre-tweaked for your config.

> so may be the solution could be to keep _one_ low end
> distribution downloadable and with at least security updates
> for ten years.

Ten years?!?! Noone is going to do that. Noone.

You want it? You do it. You support it.

> or may be we need a full console install, with no
> semi-graphical interface
> jdd :-(

Joseph M. Gaffney
aka CuCullin

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