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Re: Do we need an official web forum?
  • From: email.listen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 23:57:45 +0100
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Am Wed, 25. January 2006 23:25 schrieb Jan Karjalainen:
> I think there is a need for a forum, for a couple of reasons:
> - The ability to easily search for answers. When you get a reply stating
> "this was discussed in December, search the list", a newbie really
> doesn´t have a clue how or where to search. Compare this to the search
> funtionality of a forum.
Hhhm, I would say this is only a matter of postprocessing an information
channel. Never mind if it is a forum or a mail list.
The core need is to make information available. This can be done by moving
interesting answers to a faq, like it is done for the german suse-users list.
Or by putting good and interesting answers to the openSUSE wiki or the SDB

> - Dial-up connections aren´t fast enough for downloading a couple of
> hundred mails each day, many of which you don´t have any interest in.
As mentioned above, just a matter of postprocessing.
This could be done by a mail2news gateway or a indexed and browsable mail list

> - Familiarity. Almost everyone has visited a forum, and even
> participated in discussions on one.
Looking at what a forum does under technical aspects it is not more than a web
based mailing list archive which has aa gui which comes along as a news list.

What is left is that another information channel needs additional reccources
and additional advertising. Just like presenting another newspaper

So whats left is the decission wether to have a new information channel which
needs additional and in the end redundant reccources and manpower or to find
a way to make the given information offered by a mail list accessible in a
more pleasant way, especially for new users.

> Just my $0.02....
just my 0,0163€ :)


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