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Re: [opensuse] feedback on SuSE10.0RC1 from a former gentoo'er
  • From: Daniel Bertolo <Daniel.Bertolo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 15:42:34 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <6054588.1128433354942.SLOX.WebMail.wwwrun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Di 04.10.2005 14:40 schrieb Martin Sommer <msommer@xxxxxxx>:
> Not much: You need only:
> - convince all developers of the xine project (>30) that they change
> the
> xine license from GPL to LGPL or BSD (use alternatively the mplayer or
> the ogle project or write one from scratch)) to be able to link
> against
> the proprietary CSS stuff
> - sign a contract with the DVD CCA to get the official CSS technology
> - pay 19,000 USD a year to DVD CCA
> - implement the CSS technology into xine
> - talk to all major graphics card vendors and convince them to support
> Linux and provide interfaces for the use of macrovision in
> Linuxplayers
> - implement it into the player
> - sign a contract with Dolby for decoding dolby 2 channel and/or
> 6 channel sound
> - pay approx. 0.8 - 1.50 USD per sold copy of the program to Dolby
> (depends on sound quality and the number of sold copies)
> - sign a contract with MPEGLA for decoding mpeg2 video format
> - pay 2.50 USD per sold copy to MPEGLA (independent from numbers)

And that is too hard for Novell? But Linspire can handle it:

The download of that "app" is just 0.04MB in size. And it is declared as
"closed source". So, it might be just the library.

What the price is concerned, I suggested more than once on the list,
that Novell should sell it seperatly online. Just a quick calc for the
price: Estimate to sell 10'000 copies:

- 1.90 USD to DVD CCA
- 1.50 USD to Dolby
- 2.50 USD to MPEGLA
- 5.00 USD to Novell (engineering)

Total cost for Novell: USD 10.90 per copy. Sell it for USD 39.99.

Or the other way around: Sell it for USD 39.99. Fixed cost:

- 19'000 USD to DVD CCA
- 50'000 USD to Novell (engineering)

Variable cost:

- 1.50 USD to Dolby
- 2.50 USD to MPEGLA

Like that, Novell must sell approximately 2'000 copies in order to be at
break even. That sounds possible to me.

The engineering cost I estimated is either for adopting LinDVD or
PowerDVD in order to work with SuSE Linux, or to find a solution to get
it legally work with xine or Mplayer. If that solution just works with
the binary drivers from ATI and Nvidia that would even be a beginning.


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