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Re: [SLE] OpenOffice 2.0
  • From: John Perry <j.e.perry@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 11:28:26 -0400
  • Message-id: <433D599A.8040806@xxxxxxx>
Don wrote:

Ya know, this just drives home the fact of how each and every distro of linux is it's own PROPRIETARY environment...

Environment's the key word, there...

I sat through so much anti-proprietary rhetorical bullshit at Summit last summer in NOLA and the mear simple fact that we don't have transparent o/s distro portability for applications just really annoyed me.

If you'd really paid attention, you wouldn't be making such an ass of yourself now...

So, next time you hear some linux zealot get up and bitch about how M$, IBM, etc., are proprietary (and they ARE), remind yourself that linux is also VERY PROPRIETARY.

I, you, or anyone else can simply download almost any linux package, install it ourselves, maybe do some minor tweaking (or maybe not), and go. The "proprietary environment" means that we can let the distro do it for us, because it always knows where everything goes, and doesn't have to worry about file locations and versions -- unless, of course, we've installed something on our own without respecting the distro's environment.
Even that's becoming less of an issue, since many linux distributions conform to the Linux Standards Base. Isn't SUSE one of those? I've downloaded several RPM's that were not SUSE labeled, and had no problem installing and running them -- usually without needing any tweaking. I wish more packages and distributions would label themselves prominently as LSB compliant.

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