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Re: [opensuse] Summary: Packages from a user and Packager perspective
On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 10:11:23PM -0600, Andreas Girardet wrote:
> I have edited and added
> whatever I could to several categories to start structure the
> discussion.

Many, many thanks.

> A few areas I am personally interested to hear a bit more about:
> - How is a webinterface for packagers and users going to look like?

I am sure you mean the technical side and not so much desgn. I would be
thinking something like or Freshmeat, or even SF for
developers and FM for users. Not identical, but along those lines.

I would ask the question in another way and then see where we get. What do
you expect from a packager website, what do you expect from a user

Isn't it a bit early to ask those things, as we have no idea yet what we
will come up with.

> - How could a webinterface interface with yast?

xml, would be my guess as it already uses those things. It could interface
as it does now interface with e.g. guru or packman.

> - Is rpm really the end of all package systems? What is missing?

Sometimes still dependency hell. apt should solve this. Myself and some
others killed their system with apt, so not really a good alternative for
the normal user.

> - How could a packager be helped to make his life easier?
> - How could we attract more maintainers of other distro's and have
> output compiled for us?

One is get them to use openSUSE. Sounds stupid, I know, but I believe a
lot use debian and therefore make deb.
How hard is it to write correct specs for SUSE if you already have deb
specs? Could a tool be made to do this for them? If yes, then all deb
could be made into SUSE rpm's and the other way around as well.


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