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Re: [opensuse] Overwhelming number of emails
  • From: "Andreas Girardet" <agirardet@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 23:13:41 -0600
  • Message-id: <431F1FC5.4906.0018.0@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi to you to

> I really do not like to complain, but is there a way I can reduce
> number of seeminly repeating email. Or can I just receive an email
> has the problem then a solution instead of every kind of unsolicited
> email. Not knowing where the conversation started makes it hard to
> understand. My next option was to unscribe, which I really do not
> to do.

You will find that this mailing list will become even more high traffic
once 10.0 is released. I consider this to be a fairly low traffic list
compared to some others I am on ;) after all it is a list for

I do agree that we need a list like opensuse-users, which would
probably be more suitable to yourself. Currently we have not enough
lists. But the discussion about packages has to happen on the list with
the most amount of users to be in any way productive. This lists is the
only way how we as a community can communicate.

The purpose of this list is to create the openSUSE project.

> I am still using windows because I do not know how to setup my SuSE
> to connect to the internet. I need a step by guide please. I
> with my motoroal internal modem but when prompted to set up my mail
> accounts I got confused. I have started reading unix books with the
> to understanding better.

I think you should probably seek help in one of the SUSE web forum's.
This is a developer mailing list for all those that want to participate
in the openSUSE project itself. I rather suspect that the traffic on
this particular list will increase more than it will decrease.

> Which programming language does Linux use for creating applications?
> noticed that the openCD has C and C++ header files, a compiler for C
> C++. The question is can it also have the java compiler and create
> applications in java?

Linux distro's use mainly C, C++, but also java, mono (c#), fortran,
pascal and so many others that I cannot even think about them all ;)


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