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Re: [opensuse] Packages from a user and Packager perspective
On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 12:32:50AM -0600, Andreas Girardet wrote:
> In my opinion this discussion needs to start now for us to have enough
> time to come to a clear consensus, convince most and create the
> foundations for years to come.

What I would like is to have pro-active looking for RPM's. e.g. look at
the rss feed from If a new files arrives, check if it is
already added to the packaging and if not add it.

If it is already added, update it. In the beginning a lot would be needed
to be done by humans. After a while it would become clear that things
could be done atomaticaly.

The rss feed points to the freshmeat page and already includes licencing
info. The freashmeat page gives info about other things and links to
RPM/TGZ/CVS files wich could be used

The main idea is that we need to have a way to pro-active look for things
to add to the packager. I understand that in the beginning this would need
a lot of human interaction, but after a while a lot of parts could be
largely automated.
If there is a tgz file, downloading and compiling could perhaps be largely


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