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Re: [opensuse] Packages from a user and Packager perspective
On Mon, Sep 05, 2005 at 12:32:50AM -0600, Andreas Girardet wrote:
> In my opinion this discussion needs to start now for us to have enough
> time to come to a clear consensus, convince most and create the
> foundations for years to come.

Soory for the long post. In short: This is about pro-active looking for
programs to put in the packager.

My main concers is that there will be Fedora, Mandrake and SUSE packages
out there. They are all rpm's and at least the ones I used from fedora or
Mandrake seem to work just fine.

I am not familiar with eitehre Fedxora or Mandrake, but would it be
feasable to see what wither has and the openSUSE packager has not?

Se could just look or perhaps even just copy them (as long as this is
allowed by the licences of said packages)

Perhaps we could even look what debian has to offer. THis to do a
pro-active search for rpm packages.

Another way and place to look for packages is freshmeat. On the first page
it gives updates of software. This could be used in first instance to fill
in software. e.g. GNU gengetopt 2.14 is standing at top of the list as the
latest update.

As we have NO packages in openSUSE packager (openPACKAGER? :) ) we could
grab it and start with that. Package one added. The next packages that
comes along will be non existing and added as well.

Now when GNU gengetopt 2.15 comes by, we see that 2.14 exist, so we can
add it. I am not sure how much of this could be automated or how much need
human intervention.

One could use the rss as a basis. That explains the licence and gives the
link. The link then gives the Tar/BZ2, RPM package, CVS tree and what not
you might want.

That means you can get stuff directly from the source. Some examples that
came in with RSS. These are the links to the packages itself on freshmeat:
That one has Tar/GZ, Tar/BZ2, RPM and DEB packages. You could either use
the sources or the rpm directly.
No direct link to the source file, so human intervention is needed to tell
what the correct one is.
has TAR/GZ and src.rpm files directly linked. Either could be used
Only has a tgz file.

The advatange is that the developers don't have to wory how to be included
and we don't have to worry we miss something that is already on at least
freshmeat. I could see it working on a semi-automatic basis

Check rss for GPL software
Is it GPL (or other usable) -> No -> check next
Alo on the page check OS, programming language
and the like
What links are there
|________________ RPM -> Use that
|________________ rpm.src -> Use that
|________________ tgz, bz2 and the like -> use that
|________________ unknown -> ask a human for the correct URL

The last could be done by a link to an HTML page where the remaing info
can be added by a humang being. That human is either anybody, or a group
of admins.

This is brainstorming and I can see that a LOT of ways that it won't work.

It could be something that grows and we could just start with the humans
getting it all in. From that point on you could see what repetetive moves
are done and those could be automated.

Another place to look might be the dep repisories.

As I says, I am thinking about pro-active looking for things to be added
to the packager and not just waiting for people to add stuff. This should
be done TOGETHER with people adding stuff. By no means should this be a
replacement for people adding stuff.

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