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Re: [SLE] Just installed 9.3 and having some problems with video card and monitor -- any ideas?
  • From: BandiPat <penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 18:16:54 -0400
  • Message-id: <200508111816.54337.penguin0601@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thursday 11 August 2005 01:57 am, Felix Miata wrote:
> It is a great diagnostic tool, because it works such a high percent
> of the time to prove something difficult to prove otherwise, which is
> whether particular hardware works or not, and without "installing"
> anything whatsoever, or requiring futzing with hardware/BIOS
> settings.
That still only makes it a good diagnostic tool, Felix. It might be
great to someone wanting to install Debian or a form of Debian. What
have you proved, if you still can't install or run the distro you want
on the machine? Sometimes hardware tweaking is necessary to run a
modern OS.

> Eval disc? You mean the live CD? Do you really believe that is likely
> to function better than the 5 or more 9.3 real installs he's already
> done?
> Newer? Maybe, maybe not. Certainly 9.3 is newer than Gil's old 3.4
> Knoppix, but the current 3.9 Knoppix is a late May release, newer
> than 9.3. Knoppix releases traditionally happen approximately twice
> as often as SuSE releases.
No, I don't expect it to function better than his installs. As a matter
of fact, I've had good installs where the Live disc wouldn't work well.
What I do expect though is a good diagnostic tool with up to date
programs to test things with. A release date doesn't nearly reflect
the date of the programs, as you well know or should. Have you even
bothered to use a Live Eval disc before or even check the version of
the programs on the Knoppix? It doesn't sound like you have. Do you
really think that the frequency of releases says a lot about how new
the software is contained therein? Don't forget, you are dealing with
a Debian based Linux. :o)
> > Instead of flaunting the "qualities" of Knoppix on a SuSE list,
> > time would be better spent helping Gil run down his problems.
> I've already done that. I suggested comparing ripe apples to ripe
> apples (Knoppix 3.9 vs. SuSE 9.3) or spoiling apples to spoiling
> apples (Knoppix 3.4 to SuSE 9.0 or 9.1), to try to get away from the
> previous wheel spinning and narrow down where the behavioral
> difference(s) is/are between Knoppix and SuSE and thus maybe find
> what in 9.3 needs adjusting to his hardware that he's proven can
> work. Heck, if he lives somewhere close to 82W & 28N he's welcome to
> bring his puter here so we can put our collective efforts together
> live.
> --

I ask again, why would he want to play with Knoppix when he is going or
wanting to run SuSE? Why mix the two? Why add more confusion into the
problem? A newer version is not going to tell him much more than an
older. Wouldn't it be easier, better to try an earlier version of SuSE
on the machine? That way he could see if differences in or
XFree86 make a difference, etc. I just think your logic is a bit
skewed when dealing with Knoppix. It's just not that special.


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