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Re: [opensuse] Ahain a new version of makeSUSEdvd
  • From: "Andreas Girardet" <agirardet@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 18:09:03 -0600
  • Message-id: <4316EF5F.4906.0018.0@xxxxxxxxxx>

> No, 10.0 will not be the release of the year. At least not over the
> Distributors have lost all their discipline.
> They have let the distributions explode in size, either hoping that
> mirror hierarchy" would make it to the users or simply neglecting the

> server load aspects.
> SUSE- 9.3 was the last acceptable "net distribution" - with an addon
> size of 16 GB (sources were released earlier). That was already a
> struggle for the servers, but could stand to spill out
> than 70 MByte/sec continuously for almost 4 days, due to the (huge,
> has more) 12 GB RAM. That was more than 4 TByte a

Really your statement is too absolute and actually quite absurd. I
have heard statements like that before in the ISP industry. People
saying the net will never be successfully graphical (when html was
introduced), since the 2400 baud modem's and ISP backends would not
handle those sizes reasonably (yes I am that old). Do you know the
future of technology? Or Bill G saying the 486 will be the last and
best CPU of the century. Absolute and absurd. Technology moves at a huge
rate and we just need to find ways to create a distributed workload
while downloading, as bittorrent or jidgo does or create servers with
Terabyte of RAM, which will happen at some point. Or virtualize servers,
load balance them effectively. A proper load balancer could already do
the job quite nicely and redistribute the load between any mount of
servers unless they have the same directory structure.

The issue is that if the main rsync server get's hit hard no one can
mirror. This needs to be adressed.

A 1 CD installer as I did it solves issues also, since that is all most
users need. Single addon packages can be installed seperately

> All 10.0 betas were too large for my RAM, and even with the trick to

> redirect all*i386*iso requests to
> for getting tight enough buffer cache hits so that those
> never expired did not reach the 9.3 numbers.

the issue is that mirrors could not update from the main site in a
reasonable time and that therefore everyone hit the main site. A dog
that bites his own tail.

> Tomorrow 10 am is the next beta release time, but I bet none of the
> mirrors will be ready at that time...

Correct. That is the issue and not that 9.3 was the last Net
distribution. What an absurd statement. The last .. yeah right!

10.0 is huge. I don't think you realize that the market attractiveness
of the Novell/SUSE proposition is the first that can effectively provide
with a marketing and partner/reseller channel that only compares to very
few companies in IT and certainly no single other Linux company has this
kind of network. This market penetration and the huge step of creating
openSUSE and allowing people to download a SUSE version on day 1 of the
Gold release and not as it used to be months after it was in the shops,
creates exactly the kind of hype and dynamics that will fuel our success
and will create more and more successful releases. To say that 9.3 was
the last one to be successfully via the net, just because of some
(solvable) technical difficulties is really absurd, don't you think?

> I need a more "mirror hierarchy sensitive" behavior from SUSE, or -
> simple - a special hardware sponsoring, a bit expensive (but cheaper
> the HP sponsoring for ;- ))

correct. Solutions and not absolute statements that are per definition
a priori wrong. Simple Logic: All Swedes are blond. No I don't think so,
since I actually know a few Swedes, that are not blond at all. As absurd
as your statement.


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