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Re: [opensuse] Proprietary media support
  • From: Kenneth Aar <kenneth.aar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 12:28:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <430EEEE9.2040000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Andreas Girardet wrote:

And that is what we should do and what I suggest .. pay the fee and include the software in the Retail product or as an additional download which can be paid for seperately ...... Including software must also mean that it has been compiled and tested on SUSE?

If I can talk to anyone in corporate about that, then I will.

If you read the linspire site, then the cost for existing customers
(which pay 49 per annum) is 9.95. Since I already spend more than double
on my SUSE Pro 9.3 and thinking that we have 2 releases per year that is
4 times as much, would you not expect that cost to be already included?


I think we are on to a groundbreaking idea here. If users could download the dvdplayer and mp3 codecs for a fixed price I can't see how this could fail to become the most usable distro out there. Trying to play either dvds og mp3 would give you a message telling you that you can download from the suse site for x amount of €. I belive Michael Robertson CEO of Linsipre said in LFX magazine no. 68 that they pay 3.5$ for each licence for the DVD MPEG playback. So if They are charging 9.95$ they are good profit.

I my opinion this is a no brainer! Come on give it to us!

Kenneth Aar

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