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Default file/folder permissions under '/etc' = ?
  • From: pelibali <pelibali@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2005 18:39:14 +0200
  • Message-id: <20050617183914.0733aeb7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a friend I pushed very hard to move to Linux and now made for
himself (and also for me) an extremely unpleasant situation:(
Before I would attempt to fix really _all_ the file/folder permissions
he ruined in '/etc' on his SUSE 9.1, would like to ask your opinion
please, what I could do. As I understood, he did somehow a recursive
chown and changed ALL of the stuff in the above folder to have the
owner root:root :(((

I wouldn't like to "lose him" and let him return so easily to the dark
side! So at first I let SuSEconfig fix the most important stuff on
that comp. At second I have all of the official .html pages from the
Novell's site concerning 9.1, where all of their .rpm packages are
listed with files/folders AND access rights detailed. I filtered out
from them all of the lines having '/etc' in their pathnames and having
NO root:root as owner. That was a not so huge list and changed 'back'
all of that stuff, causing the system working now without Mb-s of
bloody error-logs.

Is there please a more precise way to get rid of this access-right
problem? Would e.g. changing the system's general security-level to a
very high level then back help us/me? I have physical access to that


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