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Re: [SLE] SuSE 9.2
  • From: jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 09:19:26 -0500
  • Message-id: <200501260919.26574.jfweber@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 26 January 2005 8:42 pm, Doug McGarrett wrote:
> At 10:19 PM 1/26/2005 +0000, Sean Rima wrote:
> >I am about to buy the Professional package but am concerned that 9.3
> >or 10.0 will come out in a month or two. Is this likely?
> /snip/
> No, it is not likely. SuSE s/w comes out at about 6 month
> intervals. Since the last release was in November 2004, the next
> will probably be May or June 2005. If you've been reading this list
> for a while, I should think you would not want 9.2 Pro, and if you
> could find 9.0, you would would buy it. I would!
> --doug

well, that may well depend on what sort of things he needs, does it not? Ass
long as I can remember the list is roughly divided into two camps, those of
us who buy every upgrade and have no problems, and those who sometimes buy
or at least download and install the new version and often spend eons
bitching and moaning that somehow SUSE is out to get them "just to make
money" . Although I should imagine the goal of any commercial company is to
make a profit ( money )
Generally, what you hear/read on the list after we earlly adopters have had
our innings, is more and more of the other group , who jump into each
question about upgrades to basically say no, and never !! It doesn't change,
no matter the majority have few or no problems, research on the site would
make most folks wonder why anyone would have ever bought/used ANY SUSE
product since, uhm, maybe 6.5 ???? :)

If you want or need any or all of the new items in the 2.6 kernal, and don't
want to or need to "roll your own" 9.2 is your baby.. because it is the
default install. There are large improvements in multimedia handling, and the
handling of things like, "I'm thru w/ the CD now, eject it dammit!! And you
can often spend hours during which time the computer will tell you it's too
busy using the CD in question!! OR your (flash) card reader may exhibit
similar tendencies and you can't change the thing for days. That no longer
happens w/ 9.2 . There is much better recognition of hardware, even if, on
occassion the OS isn't certain what to do about some card or other.

Generally speaking, most folks have either had uneventful or suprisingly easy
installs. At least the ones I've been responsable for . Including my Kid who
is in the middle of the country w/ a damaged computer from that company that
puts cow prints on it's boxes.. er, cartons. The computer was hit by a
lightning strike, and ever since can't boot from a cd.. However, it boots
from a floppy and that tells it to go look for the install stuff on the cd..

As for the company that sold her the computer. They won't even discuss any
problems she might have until and unless she puts W2k back on the box. Since
"that was how we sold it" No wonder windows users don't buy upgrades, or even
consider changing OSes..

For her Windows partition, she has gone back to 98 as neither W2k nor Xp want
to run.. and her hubby needs to use a windows PC to do his homework.. ( Yet
another school/company etc. that refuses to recognize that none of those
systems are secure at all, and especially when they insist work be done only
thru ( wait for it...) I.E. for , "Security" reasons... I think her husband
hates Windows so much once he is thru or they get a new box, he wants to
deep6 all windows partition.. Tho they have "dialup" and have had repeted
problems getting it to connect properly in linux. The latest escapade has
something to do w/ wvdial AND kinternet both dialing also when the other one
does, and they they both want to send the logon and pwd... and they get hung
up upon as the ISP believes they are trying to make multiple connections.

So far, between our long phone calls where we just go thru every possible
location to find where these things are finding the instructions to both send
whenever one dials, rather than one or the other doing it... ( It's one of
those times when neither of us is certain which or what question to ask )

But even w/ a completely bolloxed box, all her family prefer to work in the
Suse linux 9.2 version... They all like it better than any of the Windows
stuff they have tried. Which is saying something, when you consider teen
aged kids who want to be "cool" also live in that house. <VBG>

I'm putting on the B-mer Brothers
Would you mind putting on this grass skirt?

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