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Re: [SLE] office layout
  • From: David Herman <mesamoo115@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 20:06:47 -0800
  • Message-id: <200411052006.54822.mesamoo115@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri November 5 2004 12:15 pm, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> On Friday 05 November 2004 2:40 pm, Russ wrote:
> > Just read this and was wondering if DOSEMU will also run programs
> > like MS Publisher
> DOSEMU should run any legacy MS-DOS program. It will not run a
> Windows program. For Windows, you need either WINE, Crossover Office
> (a commercialized WINE), Win4Lin (MS Windows 9x running under Linux),
> or VMWare running a version of Windows.

I would add that Publisher seems to be a particularly hard nut to crack.
You might have better luck w/ the Publisher alike programs if you don't
want to run win4lin or vmware.

Crossover office doesn't support it (and according to them, won't,
unless someone wants to throw buckets of money their way to get the
work done). As far as I know nobody has gotten m$publisher past

I have gotten programs to run well w/ WINE that won't start w/ Crossover
office (GoBE Productive being an excellent example) but don't remember
if I tried Publisher. WINE can be excellent if you put a little effort
into it.

Win4lin, msPublisher worked with some tinkering with win4lin 4.0 (I
think it needed 24 bit screen depth to work completely). It runs well
under win4lin 5.0 and think it no longer needs the 24 bit screen.

Haven't tried vmware but suspect that it would provide excellent

As for Office layout you might look at DIA or possibly Kig, depends on
your needs.

Don't shop at!
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