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Re: [SLE] What is Suse 9.1.42 ?
  • From: Allen K <gorebofh@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: 01 Oct 2004 22:35:53 -0400
  • Message-id: <1096684552.2702.11.camel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
What's the big deal with the new Kernel? I haven't looked into it much
but my hardware all works with what hardware I have now. I bought sUSE
8.1 and it worked great, so when 8.2 came out I bought that, Which 8.1
was my first Linux I used, and then I bought 9.1 and I've been happy
with all of them, and the Kernels they come with.

I use SUSE and Slackware and Free BSD and Windows XP on my laptop, which
dual boots with 8.2, and it found everything fine. 9.1 is on my other
box which is my FTP server, and then my other box has Slackware 10, and
my other box is right now being formatted as I'm going to give Fedora
Core 2 a little chance to see how well it works with the loads I hand
out on my network.

In one day I can transfer 12 GBs to my SUSE 9.1 Professional box running
Pre FTPd, while I have Irssi and gaim and X loaded, and it keeps going.

Month of uptime right now. SUSE is the best Linux ever, and only
Slackware can come close to it. I love and use them btoh every day, and
XP of course when I have to do some homework where I need to print it
because my printer isn't really useable in Linux yet, so of course it
probably will be in the next release. That's generally how it's been for

If one piece of hardware doesn't work I wait a few months and by then it
does. It's a Dell 720 Color Photo Printer. Very nice, but so far only
works in XP and Windows 2000 Professional. So when I have to print
something I'll use XP for now, and when the next SUSE comes out I'll try

Keep up the good work SUSE/Novell. Man am I glad they didn't screw it up
when they bought SUSE. That was the first thing I said when I read the
news was, OK, guys, don't screw it up. So far so good.

Heh, has anyone else used SUSE with Pure FTPd and used it that hard
without a problem? I don't think SUSE is getting the credit it deserves,
I can think of FTP sites that don't handle that in 5 days let a lone 12

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