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SuSE or KDE (continue)
  • From: Bahram Alinezhad <alineziad@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 06:46:26 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <20040923134626.97576.qmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Read the text attachment (unix format).

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Thank you for your help, but,
Look at the last section of this mail for my original message; I want to add remarks for each question:

1- This problem is already solved; My modem is internal ISA non-pnp Rockwell 33.6 set on ttyS2 (com3).

2- Killing "kdeinit" works, but, isn't there a better way (e.g. disabling kdeinit)? I have to frequently mount and unmount partitions.

3- I'll send a separate mail discussing about performance.

4- I couldn't stop the prompt for changing my monitor settings!

5- "su -" helps, but still I cannot run konqueror from inside the konsole: "cannot connect to X server" is shown. RedHat had not such limitation.

6- I found "xrender" package in "" and installed it.

Also note:
-I don't want to suggest that RedHat 9.0 is better than SuSE 9.1... I only want to say that I expect advantages of an old linux should exist in newer versions/distributions.
-Sorry, in the last contact, the recurrence of my query was due to yahoo: It didn't respond and I suspected my message hasn't been sent.

Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.

Your Response To Me:

Late response I know, sorry!

1- There are IIRC 4 modem drivers provided by suse, check which one it is there are readme for each one, You will need to pass an option in modules.confI had the same problem with my amr smartlink on my laptop.

2- Bug and fix has been posted.

3- In your control center ==> KDE performance set minumise memory usage to always, After a few reboots you will notice a big improvement on speed boot etc..

4- There is a check box on that dialog windows that you check to tell it not to keep reminding you!

5- Any linux distro you need to (su -) for certain system commands, the su is ollowed by space and a minus sign (-), e.g. [user@playpen var]$ su - username

6- ?

Chadley Wilson

2- You don't have to exit X. There are two things to take care of:
1. do a ps ax and find something like
kdeinit konquror --silent

kill it. That's the conqueror process in the background that's keeping it. The reason why it's there is so that konq will start up faster.

2. Look in you KDE control center under the KDE Components --> KDE perofrmance tab, there's something that say: "Maximum number of instances kept preloaded" - set this to 0.

Kind regards
Hans du Plooy

5- If "echo $PATH" is done as root, /usr/local/bin is not in the path for root, that's SuSE's way of doing Linux. In order to have any other paths available, edit /root/.bashrc and add a line
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:</whatever_path>

The new paths will be picked up on boot up, but can be activated immediately by ". ~/.bashrc" or "source ~/.bashrc" as root.
Each distro does its own thing, whether right or wrong, the differences once learned are minor and easy to handle. There are certain things I do with Mandrake to make it pretty much the same to work with as SuSE, mainly with aliases in ~/.bashrc.

Sid Boyce .... Hamradio G3VBV and keen Flyer

Please, be patient. Repeating your question several times will not help you.

1- Insufficient data.

2- This has been reported on this list several times, solution somewhere in the archive. Or ask one question at a time, with a subject line related to the question.

3- See the archives.

5- I don't care about redhat. The reason is explained on "man su". Use "su -user" instead.

Carlos Robinson

Bahram Alinezhad,

This is the wrong list your cmoplaints are with SuSE and should be on the suse mailing list that said here are a few items)

1- without details about why you are being disconnected it will be next to impossible to help on this item (start the connection in a "konsole"/commend prompt window and check the logs as to why the connection was denied.

2-say you are trying to umount the cdrom (usually /dev/hdc) check the following lsof /dev/hdc I suspect the kdeinit is holding the device open I have seen this a few times from suse it stems from the attempt to make device mounting user friendly. if kdeinit is the process keeping the drive mounted kill the pid listed from lsof (if not installed use yast and install it lsof will save you a bunch of headaches.

3-please define slow (i.e. under redhat mozilla opens in .5 seconds but in SuSE it opens in 2 seconds) slow is a relative term and different Linux distros compilke things differently (features and all that may slow down the windows opening) I have found SuSE to be very fast (but keep in mind I am running it on a AMD 64 3200+ with 1GB of RAM) (32 bit kernel running right now)

4-If you are gettnig a prompt to change the monitor setting each time you log in then please specify the monmitor and video card you are using and what you did to save the settings the last time you went through the hassle of logging in and setting monitor settings (with the card you selected and monitor settings selected) chances are your settings were off a bit and this is the systems way of complaigning about it.

5-DON'T "su" to root if you want to use commands from /use/sbin USE "su -" and this will fix this problem

6-go to the site you found xft-2.1.2 and find their package for xrender.
or download the source code and compile yourself. chances are that you downloaded a compile from some fedora only person. xft?? the fortran or the fonts program??

David Blomberg

Well in that case it cannot possibly be you (nor YOU) that does anything wrong. Unless you provide us with some details (negotiation log, program to connect to the internet) it is kind of difficult for us to diagnose what goes wrong. And it does not help to send a question more than once, it only raises tempers.

Best regards,
Jos van Kan

1- What sort of modem are you using? Can you say whether it's internal or external? And give the make and model? What program are you using to connect to the internet?


The answer is easy : simply install Redhat...


Do have this problem in Be, Unix, Yellow-Dog, Debian, OS-X, dos, windoz or os/2?
Patrick Shanahan

My Previous Message:

I use SuSE 9.1 with KDE 3.2:

1- I cannot connect to the internet: After modem negotiations, it disconnects! I have not such problem in RedHat.

2- Unmounting a hard disk partition is impossible when you once went to browse it with konqueror; You have to totally exit X (e.g. by logout) to avoid receiving "device is busy"! I have not such problem in RedHat.

3- General performance is strongly low! Although, the performance for konqueror has been improved.

4- I get the prompt for changing my monitor settings in each session!

5- When I login to a user other than root, and use "su root" or open a root shell in order to run some commands located in /usr/local/bin, I get the error of "command not found"! I have to type the full path! A problem that there is somehow in redhat but not so bad as this.

6- I couldn't install "xft-2.1.2" (from on suse 9.1; In configuration process, it says that "xrender not found".

Thank you for your notice,
Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.
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